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AI Carbon Accounting
The nordic way
The nordic way
Carbon accounting on autopilot
Developed in the Nordics, the Silicon Valley of the energy sector. We are leading your company into a carbon neutral future; Leverage technology to understand your emissions. We will continually add functionalities to secure the best experience possible.
  • Cutting- edge AI Technology
  • Aligned with Greenhouse Gas Protocol
  • Journey to net zero
Carbon Accounting

Put carbon accounting on autopilot and measure your emissions. Energi.AI Carbon Accounting is aligned with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Reduce Emissions

Discover your carbon hotspots and take actions on reducing emissions. We will continously add new smart functionalities to make this process smooth for you.

Automatic and smart

Our software works on you. Energi.AI collects all relevant data for you and uses machine learning to calculate the information you need.

Insight and Value

Get insight and access to reports for your carbon accounts (energy consumption, price development and CO2 footprint), as well as an overview of costs and development

Take action

Get real-time updates of your company´s emissions and progress towards Net Zero. Get specific actions to reduce emissions and be part of the climate change

Continuous improvement

Energi.AI works continuously with the development of new functionality and improvements for you. With automatic retrieval, we train algorithms and you will always have access to an updated overview

Business benefits
Business benefits
Why is carbon accounting important?
To keep temperatures under a 1.5C objective, businesses have to collectively cut emissions by half by the end of the decade.
As new regulations arise, it is a matter of time before it will become a regulatory requirement across the globe. If you want to stay competitive amongst sustainable companies and to be part of the race towards zero - carbon accounting is the first step you should take. What gets measured gets managed!
Future proofing

It is a matter of time before new regulations will affect companies and CO2 taxes are booming. Companies realice the urgency of becoming carbon-neutral and are building new strategies before it is too late.

Point of difference

Carbon reporting can make a market differentiation, setting an organization apart from competitors. Not just by gaining potential customers who are attracted by this approach but also investors and other stakeholders involved.

Green funding and capital

Carbon emission control will bring a massive shift in the availability of capital available for businesses. Investors will penalize polluting businesses with a higher cost of capital and reward greener ones by making it easier to access funding.

PR opportunity

Companies who step forward and voluntarily display their emissions in an attempt to reduce them will benefit from a stronger public perception. They will be seen as organizations which genuinely care.

Attract and keep talents

In an era often depicted as being a war for talent, using carbon accounting as a tool to demonstrate your environmental credentials will help to attract – and retain – the best recruits. High staff churn is expensive.

Cost saving

Carbon accounting enables your business to reduce costs in the short term ( Savings from reduced energy bills etc) while strengthening your operational and financial resilience in the longer term.

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