Vema Interior simplifies Eco-Lighthouse certification with Energi.AI
Christel Mathiesen
mai 10, 2022
Vema Interior simplifies Eco-Lighthouse certification with Energi.AI

Vema Interior, the largest producer of internal blinds in The Nordics, has sustainability high on the agenda. The company has a local factory in Tomter, as well as a factory in Poland. Vema Interior has currently 20 employees and aims to offer a carbon-free production of their products.

Stian Vedal, General Manager of Vema Interior, is passionate about climate action; the company produces internal blinds from recycled plastic from the ocean, has covered the roof with solar panels and is certified with Cradle to Cradle and Eco-Lighthouse.

Time consuming process to achieve Eco-Lighthouse certification

Vema Interior was Eco-Lighthouse certified in 2021.

We spent 3-4 weeks collecting the parameters for the report. It was difficult to source the data we needed to satisfy the requirements, and it was difficult to know where to start looking, Says Mats Philip Kvamme, Sustainability Manager at Vema Interior

I had to check the cars, get information from the accountant and explore different external systems to find the information I needed, Mats continues.

Discovered Energi.AI

Vema Interior is a customer of 24SevenOffice and discovered Energi.AI that provides fully automated carbon accounting. Energi.AI collects data for customers and shows the company's carbon emissions in a customer-friendly dashboard.

The dream is to be able to extract data from one place. Energi.AI is exciting and will be an incredibly helpful tool that makes my life easier, says Mats.

The ambition is set

Vema will ensure carbon-free production of their products. Vema aims to cover 100% of the energy needs from renewable sources, primarily solar panels. In Poland, they have started a project to set up a "solar farm" which will generate more electricity than they use. The surplus electricity will be stored in batteries.

We have a good reputation in the market and we see that our customers appreciate our sustainability efforts, says Stian Vedal

Sustainability is also good for the business. Among other things, we win tenders on having a climate strategy, Stian concludes.

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