We're a tight-knit tribe of tech lovers who believe in being kind, having fun and making the world a better place. Our 11 principles are not crafted as a dictate of how people should be or act, but as a reflection of our community´s ethos and culture.

Unmess the planet movement
We have made a mess out of our planet and we need to fix it. We need to band together as a team who cares and we want to serve with good intention. Strong relationships are the glue that hold things together when stuff gets hard and makes things a lot more worthwhile and rewarding. Sustainability is the core of everything we do here at Energi.AI
Trust is our DNA
Trust is the key for openness and transparency. Trust in ourselves. Trust in our products. Trust in our employees. Trust in solving big problems. Trust is our DNA.
Radical inclusion
We value a diverse workforce with any kind of employee who has talent, positive energy and integrity. Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.
Big love for our customers
We love our customers. They are amazing people who have signed up to race for zero and is also the reason we can continue building more intelligent solutions to save millions of lives.
Creative and innovative ideas are ALWAYS welcome
We absolutely love ideas. Creativity and innovation is what brings the world forward. Have a thesis and go for it. 100 % sure it is not stupid or silly. Don't hold your horses if you have something on your heart - it might be the next thing revolutionizing our company or the world.
Being A realistic unmesser
As a single human it is hard to be 100% eco good. Most of us don't live in eco houses. A lot of us have cars. It's not always possible to be as good as we would like to be. Instead of getting hung up on details, it's about balancing the good with the bad. It's about caring in the first place, wanting to do better and not judging people who care differently to us. At Energi.AI we are not extreme in any way - we live our lives to the fullest in the time we have been given on this planet. However, we believe our lives get even better when we change our thinking so our human footprint can be less of a stomp and more of a twinkle toe. Beef that never had eyes nor hooves is delicious. Buying less things you don't really need leaves you with a happy bank account. Driving EV saves you a bunch of taxes. Choosing local fruits and vegetables that have not matured in a dark cardboard box half across the planet makes the taste buds explode. Feel-good-o-rama.
Make some noise
Dare to go outside the box. Dare to be bold. The world is messed up and we simply can't shove it under the carpet. Dive in there. Engage. Connect. Don't be afraid to question things. Asking is important because it makes people stop and think. At least for a second or two.
Embrace that the one thing that is constant is change
The earth is spinning, the energy is flowing, the planet is changing. The one thing that is constant is change. We have to keep going. Continue iterating. Continue improving.
Gifts with good intention
The value of a gift is unconditional and by that we mean serving with good intention. Acknowledging and honoring your co-workers' effort is a gift. Sharing positive energy is a gift. Doing something for the planet is a gift. Being open and listening mindfully to someone is a gift. We love these kinds of gifts.
Pejorative C-words
Consumer, consume, consumerism, consumption, over consumption, mindless consumption. A pejorative meaning. The world needs less consumption, smarter consumption, sustainable consumption. With our intelligent platform we will reduce consumption and carbon footprint by doing things smarter. With creativity, skills, smart technology and care for the environment - do our customers really consume if they do it in a sustainable way? We don´t think so. That's why we can't justify the word consumers for our customers either! We challenge the conventional thinking around this word. Because our company will be a force for positive change in the world.
Have fun
Life is very short. We should enjoy it while we have it. The flow zone starts where the line of the comfort zone ends. We love to giggle and laugh out loud. We find it very intellectually stimulating to solve the hardest problem on the planet. We also call that FUN.