Duh, duh, duh!
Jan Skjøy
June 11, 2024
Duh, duh, duh!

June 11th 2024 marks an important date. Today, we have 2030 days until 2030 and our question is;

How ready are you for your journey to your goals?

What is the future we envision?

Many experts are known to the statement “Sustainability is a data problem” and we agree 100%.

Understanding your own and your value chains impact on your business, both financial and climate is key.

But, to make change, we need to change and with only 2030 to 2030, we challenge you to take the first step now.

We asked and our top 100 customers and the feedback is clear. In one year, they have in average saved 3 months effort on reporting by automating the processes, allowing them to spend the time to be focused on core business as well as actually making an impact.

That is 300 months or 25 years. Moderate pricing will set you at a cost save of 25 million NOK, but more importantly – 25 years’ worth of effort or 45.000 hours to ACT and make and impact.

Start today, save time and money to make a change!

Suddenly felt like you're in a hurry? Contact us and we will help you get started!

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