Setting Climate Targets: Your Secret Weapon (and Energi.AI Makes it Easy)
Jan Skjøy
April 18, 2024
Setting Climate Targets: Your Secret Weapon (and Energi.AI Makes it Easy)

The climate crisis is real, and businesses have a crucial role to play.

Setting clear climate targets is your secret weapon for a sustainable and profitable future. It not only helps the environment but also improves your bottom line by increased revenue, reduced cost and attracting talent.

Targets will also help you:

  • Focus and Improve by measuring performance that keeps you focused on important goals.
  • Track progress and make adjustments when needed.
  • Win tenders and grow business by presenting transparency in your performance.
  • Reduce the risk of future regulations and carbon pricing.
  • Make Better Decisions with data that helps you make informed decisions about resource allocation, strategies, and priorities.
  • Stay Accountabe - When performance is measured, there's a sense of accountability for achieving results.

But, just measuring isn't enough: Simply measuring something doesn't guarantee it gets done. You need clear goals, action plans, and motivation to take action.

Our customers have already committed reducing their emissions with more than 100 tKg Co2e within 2030. A great start – what is your target?

Don't wait - set your target today and unlock a competitive advantage in a sustainability-focused market. Contact Energi.AI to get your baseline and develop a science-based plan to achieve a greener and more profitable future. Together, let's turn climate action into profit.

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