Ann Rosenberg is ready to make some noise with Energi.AI
Christel Mathiesen
September 24, 2021
Ann Rosenberg is ready to make some noise with Energi.AI

Ann Rosenberg - Co-Founder of UN SDG Ambition, World Economic Forum Advisor, SVP for Sustainability Solutions at Wood plc, TEDx and evolved beyond the futility of labels, is coming in as advisor in Energi.AI

Ann Rosenberg enters the advisory role as Sustainable Tech Expert at Energi.AI. She is bringing in her expertise on Sustainable Development Goals, UN Global Compact, connecting to key partners in her world-wide network and is engaging speaking opportunities on prestige arenas like UNGA76, COP26 and WEF Davos. 

Ann Rosenberg is shaping the world of business, technology, and sustainability for generations to come, and her work with and commitment to the United Nations’ Global Compact Programme and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) continue to underpin an illustrious international career.

“My vision for 2030 is of a world where public private partnerships are a normality and together we are building a net zero world ” - Ann Rosenberg is a business driven, bold and purpose minded startup with sustainability integrated into the DNA from the start. Their approach to sustainability seeks to be a solution to SDG 13 - climate action and highly influence SDG 7 - clean and renewable energy for all and 12 - sustainable consumption patterns. Having the UN SDG Ambition Co-Founder on the team amplifies the commitment to the goals.

“We are thrilled to have Ann Rosenberg join our team. She has championed several UN and WEF initiatives. A World-class advisor like Ann enables us to reach out to top level decision makers around the world. We are excited for the impact we will achieve together. ” - Christel Mathiesen, CEO & Co-founder of Energi.AI

About Ann Rosenberg:

After 20 years at SAP, she has now moved to Wood plc where she is Senior Vice President for Sustainability Solutions. Additionally she supports a number of UN initiatives and non-profit organisations including the WEF Climate Governance Initiative.

About is building the next generation platform of AI climate solutions for businesses to actively cool the planet. Energi.AI will be generating intelligent software solutions for businesses committed to go carbon net zero.

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