COP 26 reflections
Christel Mathiesen
November 24, 2021
COP 26 reflections

At the start of this month, we completed a successful showcase of Energi.AI at COP26 where we were part of activities across the city of Glasgow at the McKinsey, Wood and Goals Houses. Energi.AI joined a global purpose network of thought leaders across Net-Zero, Resilience, and climate activism.

Over the two weeks, public, private and cross-sector pledges signaled that the net-zero imperative is no longer in question —it has become an organizing principle for business.

COP26 ended with a global agreement, the Glasgow Climate Pact, to accelerate climate action and also finally completed the Paris Rulebook.

With the Climate Pact urging nations to take accelerated climate action, companies can expect tougher national policies across all industries. Companies therefore have to bring emissions associated with their businesses in check.

Company sustainability is a data problem and we need the right tools for measurement and disclosure which are unavoidable. Using digital to create transparency will have benefits and companies will gain competitive advantage from executing net-zero plans.

Thank you Wood Plc, McKinsey & Company and Goals House for hosting incredible events. We look forward to seeing actions being made.

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