Energi.AI & 24SevenOffice has officially launched an AI driven Net Zero platform for 66.700 companies.
Christel Mathiesen
February 28, 2022
Energi.AI & 24SevenOffice has officially launched an AI driven Net Zero platform for 66.700 companies.

We are proud to announce that we have seamlessly integrated our first product into the 24SevenOffice cloud-based solution.

The first product that has now been launched, is a dashboard that extracts data from the financial accounts and other external data sources. We give your company insight into energy consumption, cost analyzes and emissions related to your energy consumption. We do this by running artificial intelligence on the case, which makes the job faster and fully automated.

Energi.AI will continuously launch new functionalities over the next few months to cover the full scopes of carbon accounting.

“Sustainability is a data problem. At Energi.AI, we have access to massive amounts of data and we are training our algorithms to be faster and more precise. We will be the first to collect all relevant data for you to put your carbon accounts on autopilot, including Scope 3 emissions”, says Anders H. Lier, CEO & Founder of Energi.AI

Anders H. Lier (CEO/Founder), Hanne Ek (CFO/co-founder), Brian West (Head of Business Development / Co-founder) og Christel Mathiesen (Head of CarbonUnity /co-Founder)

“We are proud to finally be able to tell you that we have entered into a collaboration with Energi.AI - a platform that builds solutions so that you as a company can measure, reduce and eliminate CO2 emissions. We have created a tool that gives our customers a greater and many more competitive advantage than I can list here. ” Says an equally excited Stian Rustad from 24SevenOffice.

Stian Rustad, CEO 24SevenOffice

About 24SevenOffice: 24SevenOffice provides your business with a powerful ERP system with everything from CRM, Materials Resource Planning, Finance and Accounting software, Payroll, Project Management, Time registration, Reporting and Travel expenses. You have full control over the processes in your business from A to Z – in a single, completely integrated system.

About Energi.AI: Energi.AI is a data driven platform - climate action made simple. AI and data is our unfair advantage. Companies lack the insight and the right tools to execute. We are launching fully automated carbon accounts for 67.000 Nordic companies in February 2022. Coming out of the Nordics, the Silicon Valley of the energy market, we will deploy this globally.

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