Energi.AI powering up product ambition with Jan Skjøy as Head of Product
Christel Mathiesen
February 22, 2022
Energi.AI powering up product ambition with Jan Skjøy as Head of Product

We are excited to tell the world that Energi.AI got Jan Skjøy onboard as Head of Product.

Jan brings in extensive expertise from Telenor, Fast, Microsoft, SAP & Semine, providing leadership in business and technology management, transformation and implementation. He offers a strong passion with the leadership skills needed to drive vision, scope and execution of transformation, realizing value both short and long term.

I recently had the privilege of chatting with Jan to get to know the amazing person behind the new title.

Meet Jan!

Hey Jan, introduce yourself! Who are you and what is your background:

Jan: On the personal side, I am the father of three beautiful and amazing girls, as well as grandfather of three more angels. By profession, my background is in finance, but moved early to technology. I have been part of or led building new practices for the last 20+ years.

What made you interested in Energi.AI? / What sets Energi.AI apart from other companies?

Jan: I am passionate about realizing business value with technology as the foundation and driver for digital transformation, innovation, experiences, data, analytics, AI and cognitive business. Bridging the gap between business and technology and positive impact to the world. Meeting Energi.AI, I see a company that impacts the world by providing a platform for insights and empowering all companies to take concrete actions to reduce their carbon footprint.

Energi.AI takes the challenge through it’s amazing people and technology. It is the right kind of company at the right time to help small and medium-sized companies get a handle on their carbon footprint and then reduce it through concrete actions.

Which superpowers are you bringing into Energi.AI?

Jan: I am not sure I can say I bring any “superpowers”, but I can amongst others contribute with dedication, positive attitude, having fun, bringing focus and capacity so that we can deliver value together as a team to customers and partners in the world.

Let’s leap ahead a few decades and imagine the world in 2050. Forget the limitations of current technology or science. How does that world effectively address climate change?

Jan: There is a quote formulated in different ways “Blessed Are Those Who Plant Trees Under Whose Shade They Will Never Sit”. Addressing the climate challenge is an act to secure our future generations. My aspiration is that we are able to be a part of the change of people's habits, leading to that in the future we no longer see the need for fossil fuels or simply the waste culture we see now. Reuse and transformation of entire industries

What is your best advice to think greener as an individual?

Jan: I have two; Every action matters. We have grown up and our behavior is based on trained muscle memory. We need to break the pattern, so be conscious about what you do and proud of every action you take.

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.

So, no action is too small - you lead the change.

Besides working hard and solving important problems, what is your biggest passion?

Jan: I am a person with a lot of energy. I love being outdoors and being active from skiing, biking, scuba diving or just exploring the world to learn about new cultures. I believe we can learn from everyone and my goal is to learn something new every day.

Tell us a fun fact about you:

Jan: Apart from being a son, husband, father and grandfather with the total of 8 girls in my close family (being seriously outnumbered), I recently learned that I am fairly strong in a variance of the competition called chubby bunny, seeing how many marshmallows you can have at the same time in your mouth.

Closing off, what is your most inspirational quote?

Jan: There are many great quotes, but one I like is in order to reach any goal we need to try, so therefore Wayne Gretzky makes a good point with “You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.” So take a lead and make the shot!

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