Energi.AI virtual events @Davos
Christel Mathiesen
January 14, 2022
Energi.AI virtual events @Davos

Dear community,

Happy New Year! Let´s make 2022 a fantastic year.

We at Energi.AI are launching into 2022 at full speed! Join us virtually in the week of World Economic Forum, January 17-21, for stimulating conversations at the virtual Wood House and Female Quotient Equality Lounge.

Highlights of the program include Wood's ‘The Future of Carbon in a Net Zero World’ and FQ’s ‘Women Leading the Energy Transition’ on the 19th at 10:30 and 12 EST respectively.

RSVP for sessions and take a look at the full programmes for Wood, FQ, and WEF official below.

The Female Quotient Virtual Equality Lounge @Davos
The Virtual Wood House @Davos
The WEF Davos Agenda


Team Energi.AI

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