Going for first place in sustainability
Anders Lier
January 25, 2023
Going for first place in sustainability

Nordkraft and Energi.AI are aiming for a first place in sustainability. Together, they will contribute to growth, development and increased competitiveness through their role in the green shift. This is the key to succeeding in creating regional growth in the north.

"Nordkraft has a social responsibility that extends beyond what is required of us. We must help create growth, development and excitement. Energi.AI's approach stands out positively and was clearly the best choice for us in terms of reporting and follow-up of our climate emissions" - says Bjørn Erik Olsen, CFO at Nordkraft.

Nordkraft drives business development and innovation with the aim of creating activity for the good of the entire region. Nordkraft operates in a sustainable manner in line with the UN's sustainability goals. They are part of the renewable industry and facilitate and implement important areas of the green shift.

"After a thorough assessment, we have chosen Energi.AI. We have emphasized their data-driven solution that is based on AI and a focus on automation. They have a dynamic solution where we don't have to work with manual input. The solution is based on historical figures and is continuously updated. This enables us to work with measures and solutions. Energi.AI will be an important partner to ensure that we are on the podium in sustainability," says Marie Lovise Ve, sustainability manager at Nordkraft

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is necessary that the reporting is based on figures. A greener and more active business development is made possible through a fully automated solution that uses global standards and a research-based approach to CO2 reporting.

"Nordkraft is a positive driving force in your region. Energi.AI will contribute to reporting the emissions and promote Nordkraft's position in the low-emissions society. Through insight into climate footprints, we can contribute effectively to measures being taken to reduce, replace and remove greenhouse gasses. Nordkraft has a socially critical function and will become an important customer in a strategically important industry." says Anders H. Lier, CEO of Energi.AI.


Bjørn Erik Olsen, CFO, bjorn.erik.olsen@nordkraft.no

Marie Lovise Ve, Sustainability Manager, marie.lovise.ve@nordkraft.no

Anders H. Lier, CEO, director / founder Energi.AI, 952 84360 / anders@energi.ai

About Nordkraft: The Nordkraft group develops, produces and distributes renewable energy. We have been doing this since 1910. The company is owned by the municipalities in the axis between Harstad and Narvik, in addition to Hadsel and Andøy. A total of 260 people have their jobs spread across the region. Nordkraft produces more than two TWh of electricity annually and has a turnover of almost NOK 1 billion.

About Energi.AI: Energi.ai is a climate tech company that helps companies on their journey to become climate neutral. The company has trained its algorithms with millions of transactions and uses machine learning & AI to take concrete climate preventive measures. The company has more than 11,000 companies on its platform, with customers in the Nordics and the USA.

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