Beckman Solutions automates the journey to net zero with Energi.AI
Christel Mathiesen
mai 10, 2022
Beckman Solutions automates the journey to net zero with Energi.AI

Beckman Solutions has started the journey towards becoming carbon neutral and has chosen Energi.AI as a platform to automate and streamline the process.

Beckman Solutions' purpose is selling automation, including packaging machines for medicines, as well as consulting services to the health service - from the small doctor's office to the large hospital.

Sustainability is integrated into the company's DNA

Beckman Solutions is a member of the UN Global Compact, supports the ten principles and has a clear plan for social responsibility. Principles 7, 8 and 9 state that companies must support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges, take the initiative to promote increased environmental responsibility, and encourage the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technology.

At Beckman, the environment is an important part of our CSR work. We work continuously to ensure good production methods that take the environment into account. We are also increasing the proportion of EV´s and as of today, 70% of company cars are electric cars. We do not buy new cars unless they are electric cars, says Tom Beckman, General Manager and owner of Beckman Solutions.

Awareness raising is one of my most important focus areas when it comes to sustainability. It is important that employees are contributing to the small things, such as reducing unnecessary consumption and waste etc, Tom continues

Climate strategy is a competitive advantage, especially in tender processes

Increased sustainability expectations from customers and employees mean that companies that have climate on their agenda achieve competitive advantages.

We see climate action as a competitive advantage and it is an important part of our business development strategy. There is strong competition in tender processes and we see that climate strategy is an ever-increasing focus. Companies that do not have environmental management in tender processes are often disqualified, says Beckman.

It also gives us a point of difference, to win new customers, retain loyal customers and it also provides good PR opportunities, he continues.

Wants to create ripple effects

We operate in an industry that is not particularly known for sustainability. One of the most important things for us with this is to help influence and create ripple effects for partners and suppliers. We want to take out reports and talk to our customers so that they understand that sustainability is the future, says Beckman

Challenge! «Accessing climate data is a cumberstone…»

Data collection for carbon accounting is resource and time consuming

Lack of efficient tools and manual processes has been the challenge for many companies to get started. Manual data collection for carbon accounting is time and resource consuming, which are problems Energi.AI and 24SevenOffice are solving for customers.

It has been difficult to source data and I didn't know where to store the information once I had it. What I have missed is a collective place where I have an overview of my emissions and can retrieve information when I need it, says Tom Beckman.

Energi.AI - fully automation is the solution

Beckman Solutions is a customer of 24SevenOffice (accounting platform) which is seamlessly integrated with Energi.AI, the platform that helps companies to measure, reduce and replace CO2 emissions.

We must apply the knowledge of machine learning and AI into the climate world. We will not get anywhere if we do not have these kind of tools. That's why I think Energi.AI is incredibly exciting and the right partner for this, says Beckman

From good to dedicated with Energi.AI

Energi.AI has now launched fully automated carbon accounting with insight into direct emissions from energy consumption. Energi.AI will continuously introduce new functionality that covers the full scope of the international standard GHG protocol, in addition to offering actions companies can take to achieve net zero.

In a hectic life, I want a solution where I can spend 15 minutes weekly on sustainability and at the same time have the control I need. I'm looking forward to the journey with Energi.AI, it's this platform companies and the world need to succeed. Tom concludes.

Interested in getting started on the journey?

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