Beyond Net Zero
Christel Mathiesen
January 25, 2022
Beyond Net Zero

By Anders H.Lier, Founder & CEO Energi.AI

Beyond Net Zero

Climate change is an exponential problem – the worse it gets, the faster it gets. Even though we are doing more, the gap between our actions and our needs continues to grow. We need to have higher ambitions. The future of hydrocarbons in a net-zero world is closely linked with the subject of sustainable development. Everything will be transformed by the massive transition we are in. A Net Zero society is driven by Net Zero companies. And this will be propelled by Net Zero families. The decentralized effect of a connected network will be a driver for increased ambitions. Will we make it? Yes; we have the people, competency, capital and technology to make it. But will we make it on time? Yes; I think so.

Sustainable business models give lasting value, attract the best people, unlock innovation and create resilience. Impact Investing is getting mainstream. The annual letter from Larry Fink in Blackrock demonstrates this clearly. The only way to create profit is through purpose. Future proof business has to be at the service of people and the planet. And of course benefitting their shareholders as a result.

We need to build a climate-conscious decentralized autonomous organization that includes everyone to participate to win the climate battle. A hassle free and zero cost carbon footprint solution to get you started on the path to net zero. Knowing your footprint is the start. A one-stop-shop to reduce and offset your footprint. We must make a way to guarantee renewable energy in your outlets and offset remaining emissions. Build insight and take action. A net-zero certification to gain a sustainability premium and a market-place to showcase your net-zero products and attract customers. With a Web3 approach we will pay it forward and mobilize the community. A decentralized approach to democratize how to take actions.

About 1.5% of global GDP would fund a clean energy transition. And more and more believe net-zero carbon will be achieved sooner than planned. Companies should treat their employees with respect and build a deep and purpose driven culture. We all want our lives to hold meaning. People want to represent and be an ambassador for good values. Employees are the propeller to getting business to embrace more environmental and ethical practices.

Decarbonizing of the global economy is going to create the greatest investment opportunity of our lifetime. We are working hard to decarbonize cement, steel, and plastics; shipping, trucking, and aviation; agriculture, energy, and construction. We should continue to work on creating high quality energy efficient buildings, enable zero carbon mobility, zero emission circular goods, have abundant clean energy and sustainable natural ecosystems.

Sources and inspiration: Ann Rosenberg, Uday Khemka, Larry Fink, Paul Polman, World Economic Forum, Sapienship

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