Energi.AI has signed Guide Against Greenwashing
Christel Mathiesen
February 4, 2022
Energi.AI has signed Guide Against Greenwashing

Energi.AI is proud to announce that we have signed the Guide Against Greenwashing. We stand behind the 10 principles and promise to do our utmost to follow the principles of it in our marketing and communication.

Greenwashing is a form of misleading marketing or communication, where a product, service or company is presented as “better” in respect to climate change, the environment or animal and human rights issues, without proper documentation to back this claim.

"Sustainability is integrated into our DNA. Energi.AI built the company on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and we are a solution to the net zero world. We highly support the initiative and we will follow the recommendations in our marketing and communication" - Anders H.Lier, CEO & Founder of Energi.AI

Skift Business Climate Leaders are behind the Guide Against Greenwashing along with the Environmental organization Zero, WWF and Future In Our Hands.

Guide Against Greenwashing is a guide consisting of 10 principles, which makes it easier to avoid greenwashing. The poster is designed to embrace all of the UN's 17 sustainable goals, and is therefore not only about climate and the environment, but also about, among other things, diversity and gender equality.

"Fortunately, the focus on greenwashing is increasing, also within companies that work actively to ensure that their communication is honest, accountable and at the same time inspiring. Those who have signed the poster are helping each other on this journey" - Bjørn Kjærand Haugland, Skift

About Skift: Skift is a member organization consisting of climate leaders in the business community who want to be the driving force for Norway's fulfillment of its climate goals by 2030. We want to take the lead in showing the business opportunities that lie in the transition to a zero-emission society.

About Energi.AI: Energi.AI is a data driven platform - climate action made simple. AI and data is our unfair advantage. Companies lack the insight and the right tools to execute. We are launching fully automated carbon accounts for 67.000 Nordic companies in February 2022. Coming out of the Nordics, the Silicon Valley of the energy market, we will deploy this globally.

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