Energi.AI will create carbon accounts for Vekstra and get access to 12.000 new customers
Christel Mathiesen
June 17, 2022
Energi.AI will create carbon accounts for Vekstra and get access to 12.000 new customers

The accounting chain Vekstra is ready to help their customers measure their greenhouse gas emissions, and enters into a new partnership with Energi.AI and Propell.AI to make it happen.

Data and AI can make your business sustainable. Until now, we have lacked efficient tools for measuring carbon footprints. Our AI platform solves that. Through a fully automated solution, we ensure transparency and increased focus on sustainability, says Anders H. Lier, founder / CEO of Energi.AI.

CO2 emissions must be reduced. Increasing CO2 taxes and reporting requirements will help companies to contribute to lowering emissions. Few companies know what their carbon footprint is. Energi.AI offers seamless integration with ERP and accounting systems to measure greenhouse gas emissions.

By understanding the company's carbon footprint, the company can make business decisions that are good for the company and the environment. Sustainability is an important part of our strategy. Together with Energi.AI, we can help our customers start the journey towards becoming carbon neutral, says Trond Brenden, CEO of Vekstra

Energi.AI has trained algorithms on a massive amount of data. The solution has been developed with carbon experts and is aligned with global frameworks. The platform eliminates the manual work you may have previously had with data collection. You get daily insight into your company's emissions, an insight you can use to reduce your company's emissions.

We are excited that Energi.AI is now integrated with Accounting Norway's reporting standard NSRS. With these two tools combined, we will be able to deliver climate reports along with the ordinary accounts that we usually deliver. We can now contribute to green growth for Vekstra's customers, says Karin Austeng, Marketing Manager at Vekstra.

Data analysis from incoming invoices is the key to finding the exact carbon footprint. We look forward to offering our solutions for Vekstra's customers, says Gro Merethe Johnsrud, Founder / CEO of Propell.AI

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Anders H. Lier, Founder & CEO, anders@energi.ai / 95284360

Trond Brenden, Managing Director of Vekstra AS, trond.b@vekstra.no/930 99 630

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